Making films is my passion. It brings me great satisfaction to know that something I have created is helping other businesses generate new clients.

Alexander James Miller

What I Do Quality, Bespoke, Film-making

I provide film-making services to a wide range of industries, including the news, manufacturing, event, fashion and motor sectors. Video content is a crucial tool within modern marketing; it engages clients, creates awareness, promotes services and boosts Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). 

Quality video content is adaptable and tactile; it can be used anywhere and in the right hands, it will produce results no other tool can.    

Values What I am all about.

Deliver Quality Strive to create something special.

Be Reliable Ensure clients come first.

Always Friendly Be approachable.

​Meet The Founder​

I started making films when I was sixteen years old. After five years in Media Production education, I went on to work with a variety of production companies including Northern Film & Media, ITV and the BBC. 

Following a number of years honing my skills within these companies, I created my own business; AJM Films and I have never looked back. AJM Films creates promotional video content for businesses, films and creates content for events as well as social media content and online advertisements. 

I live and breathe video production, and ensure that every film I create is the very best it can be.

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